ATS 007 Ring Spinning Frame

ATS 007 Ring Spinning Frame
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Main Specification

NO. of Spindle(spindles)

Spindle range, from 384 increased by 12 spindles

Spindle Gauge(mm)



180mm,205mm (Bare blade type spindle)


180mm(Aluminum type spindle)

Spindle Speed(r/pm)

12000~23000 r/min

Twist Direction:

Single jockey pulley system for Z or S twist
Double jockey pulley system for Z&S twist

Yarn Counts:

below 40mm,51~65mm


Cotton, PC, or Blends

Yarn Counts:

4.9~97 tex(120~6Ne)


230~1740 t/m(5.8~44t/in)

Total Draft:

10~70 times(Generally Supplies 10~50 times)

Break Draft Range:


Draft System:

3 rows roller, short or long apron, double draft, cradle compression

Roving Creel:

6 rows creel, suit for Ø152×406 roving 
4 rows creel, suit for Ø152×406 roving

Ring Diameter:


Broken-end collector:

Pneumatic flute type for six spindles and individual suction fan for each frame with integrated under ground air exhaust.


Three phase 380±10% 50HZ China, the broad product may choose according to the local request
Single phase 220±10% 50HZ

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