ATS 023 Combing Frame

ATS 023 Combing Frame
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This model is used for a cotton spinning and combing procedure. It can eliminate short fibers below certain length, neps, foreign object and fiber faults, and enhance the fiber straightness and parallelism. Thus it is equipment necessary for spinning of fine counts yarn, special industrial yarn and blend yarn.
★Headstock transmission system for high-speed motion
1、 After surface hardness treatment and super-grinding, the headstock gear has precision of Grade Six, accurate gear pattern ensuring even engagement clearance. The oil membrane layer between teeth is able to realize good lubrication under high speed and high temperature. High efficiency transmission, stable high-speed running, little vibration, low noise, small gear abrasion, and long service life. 
2、 Axes and holes in the headstock gear box use keyless coupling, the coupling is robust and reliable, and suitable for high-speed motion.
3、 The connecting bolts in the headstock gear box is designed to be tightened by using a torque spanner, stopping the movement of parts under long-term high-speed variable-load motion.
4、By using selected parts, their fit clearance is accurately controlled according to the design.
High quality web
1、 The new nipper component is characterized by light weight, little swing inertia and low acceleration, helping to enhance nipping speed.
2、 The upper nipper pressure axis has enlarged offsetting, and the uniform adjusting device of nipper opening has been increased. A user is in a position to adjust the upper nipper pressure according to small lap weight, thus strengthening grip control of fibers.
3、 With single-eye photoelectric control on the delivery table, it's convenient to install and adjust, and the monitoring of the machine is reliable.
4、The anti-static device can release electrostatic from the separating roller, reduce lapups, and the web is much clearer.
5、 Imported high-quality stainless steel guide plate, bended rationally, smooth surface, no fiber burring, reducing edge and hole damage of web. 

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