ATS 029 Multi Mixer

ATS 029 Multi Mixer
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The machine is suitable for the raw cotton of all classes or chemical fiber shorter than 76mm, Fully mix the fiber in various quality and class. Has become a necessary role in the flow of cotton opening, blowing and carding.

Main features 

Machine Type FA022-4 FA022-6 FA022-8 FA022-10
Productionkg/h 600 800 1000 1200
Width mm 1400
Beater Diametermm 420
Rotating speed r/mm 260,330,400 260;330
Roller Diameter mm  
Rotating speed r/mm 0.14-1.1 0.1;0.2;0.3
Feeding blower Diametermm 500
Rotating speedr/mm 1200;1440;1728
General Power kw 7.75 12.2
Size(L×w×h) 4735×2600×3805 5735×2600×3805 6735×2600×3805 7735×2600×3805


Machine Type FA028
Max. Feeding kg/h 800/1000
Width mm 1200/1600
Beater type 6-wing teeth shape armor plate
Diameter mm 250
Rotating speed r/mm 760
Roller diameter mm 200
Rotating speed r/mm 0.05-0.83
Dedusting air delivery Min:m3/h 4000/5000
max:m3/h 4600/5600
Air pressure min pa -20
max pa -110
Dedusting capacity max kg/h 1
General Power kw 6.05kw
Size(L×W×H) 4664.5×2752×4005
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