ATS 019 Winder.

ATS 019 Winder.
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ATS 019 winder series of bobbin winders are designed with advanced technology, good appearance, individual motor driving with inverter, higher speed, more efficient, photocell auto stop motion, digital display length setting device; soft starting, electrical anti overlap to ensure perfect voile elasticity evenness.


ATS 019 type is designed for winding cones for warping, doubling and knitting purpose with cotton, wool or multiple chemical fibers.


Main technical parameters:

1. Spindle gauge: 325mm

2. Spindle number: 36,48(standard),60

3. Winding speed: 500~1000m/min

4. Size of product: Dia 250mm(Base)x152mm

5. Yarn transverse distance: 152mm

6. Yarn breakage auto stop: photocell sensor

7. Length or weight auto stop device: individual digital display

8. Anti repel device: inverter control

9. Driving: 0.09kw motor with each spindle

10.Demensions: 48 spindle(LxWxH): 8300x1000x1600mm

                       60 spindle(LxWxH): 10250x1000x1600mm

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