ATS 028 Series Reciprocating Bale Plucker

ATS 028 Series Reciprocating Bale Plucker
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As the first flow of blower group the machine is suitable for the plucking of all classes of raw cotton, cotton chemical fiber and the middle to long fiber shorter than 76 mm. The bale plucker beater make intermittently reciprocating with the turret and make precise plucking to the bales. The caught cotton bundle be transmitted to next opening equipment for further treatment and the catching arm fitted with double sawtooth beater can move up and down and rotate automatically.



Machine Type FA006 FA006C
Production (kg/h) 1000/1500
Bale length (m) Basically visible 20.3 adjustable at options
Effective plucking width (mm) 1720/2300
Max. hoist height (mm) 1700 1775
Beater type Double beater sawtooth knife
Covering belt Reciprocating dragging, winding
Bale leveling N Y
Plucking in group N Y
Plucker slewing Manual Auto
Plucker lifting memory N Y
Pulley running memory N Y
General Power 10.69 10.74
Machine net weight (kg) About4000
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