ATS 022 Combing Frame

ATS 022 Combing Frame
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High-quality web (High-quality cotton web)
1.Adjust the nipper stress of the entire machine can be adjusted collectively, thus strengthening the grip control of fibers.
2.With single-eye photoelectric control on the delivery table, it's convenient to install and adjust, and the monitoring of the machine is reliable.
3.The anti-static device can release electrostatic from the separating roller, reduce lapups, and the web is much clearer.
4.High-quality imported stainless steel guide plate, bended rationally, smooth surface, no fiber burring, reducing edge and hole damage of web. 

Saving energy, reducing consumption
1.Further reducing the swing extent of the nipper, saving energy and decreasing consumption, propitious to high speed.
2.The cylinder and cambered plate components use new materials, reduce  weight, and realize nergy saving.
3.The nipper components use new materials, reduce weight greatly, and decrease energy consumption. 
By means of above improvements plus headstock optimization design, the new generation combing frame of our company saves energy more significantly as compared with previous Combing Frames, saving by 10% for each kg sliver.

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