ATS 015 Drawing Frame

ATS 015 Drawing Frame
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1. Design output speed: Vmax=800m/min。
2. ¢500X1100 high-capacity sliver can output.
3. Adopt frequency conversion timing, decrease the pulley mutation, resolve the sliver deteriorates when operating the button.
4. Adopt PLC to dominate, digital machine front,
photoelectricity control, cause the equipment run more dependable and steady.
5. Adopt online detection, effectively master the sliver quality, touch screen control, and achieve people-machine conversation.
6. Apply network technology, for achieving the drawing machine long-range supervision.
7.Compelling scarce oil lubricating system, decreasing gear abrasion favorable for high speed turns.
8. The roller bearing lubricant adopts fat centralized lubricating system, convenient for daily maintenance of the equipment.
9. Waving shelf adding pressure adopts spring/pneumatics adding pressure optional.
10. With automatic exchange device, improve production efficiency.
11. With automatic cotton blow device, achieve timely cleaning.
12. With autoleveller ( FA318A feature )

Technical standard:

Aperture number
Aperture distance
Max. output speed
Total drafting multiple
Drafting style
Feed style
Feed sliver number
Applicable fiber variety
Suitable fiber length
Output sliver can dimension
Main motor power
Air-blower motor power
Can change motor power
Mainframe OAD
Machine weight


1 burl 2 holes
5-14 times
5 over 4 with pressure bar drafting
energetic style lognitudinal feed
6-8 pieces
Cotton and cotton synthetics
¢350, ¢400, ¢500X900 or 1100


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